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Natures Power Pack: In search of optimal vitamin intake

Thumbnail: Natures Power Pack: In search of optimal vitamin intake


Your body is an amazing machine and vitamins are the fuel that drives it. Vitamins can make you feel better and have a healthier life. They are nature's power-pack. The question is, are you just getting enough vitamins in your diet, or are you consuming the optimal amount to help your body function at its best?

Today we are stuck with out-dated ideas about nutrition that were current 30 to 40 years ago at best and, at worst, close to 100 years ago. The latest information about nutrition is hidden away in scientific journals and research papers. That's why this book is so important. The Power Pack puts cutting-edge scientific thinking in front of you without the gobbledygook of jargon and saves you waiting 30 to 40 years for current research to become common knowledge.

David Whyte (BSc Msc(tech) Hons) tells us the fascinating story of the colourful history of vitamin research, how the discovery of each vitamin came about, how scientists decided on Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) levels, and challenges accepted wisdom with the latest research and understanding about the true potential of vitamins for your body.

Easy to read and interesting, this book is full of invaluable information about how to get your optimal amount of vitamins from a delicious diet and smart supplementation. The information that you discover here can help you and your loved ones live longer, healthier lives.

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