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Inquisitive minds are always asking questions...... Why does that happen? How does that work? I wonder.....

David's mind is very inquisitive so over time he has developed a
combination of skill that make for a unique and effective researcher. Here he talks to a TV reporter about sugars:


His skills include:

Rapid learning curve on any new technology or data

Able to quickly skim and digest large volumes of material  to extract out key points and most relevant information.

Ability to connect the dots between different spheres of knowledge thus synthesising new understandings. 

As you would expect for a world class researcher David is the inventor on a numerous patents and has presented and published his research around the world. 

How does this help you? You can benefit from David's expertise in the following ways:

Literature reviews. Hard one experience has taught David that a robust literature search is a very worthwhile investment. Understanding what others know saves both time and money in the long run. A good literature review will significantly help any research project, providing a robust base to build any work upon.

Clearly with the advent of the web literature searching can be undertaken much easier. However a good researcher knows what not to get bogged down in, as well as where to focus their time and energy.

As you would expect David has an excellent working knowledge or databases and information on line. He also knows that sometimes browsing in a library can be very productive. Hence he has used all the local libraries at one stage or another including two tertiary libraries, a national agriculture research library and lastly a medical library.

Independent assessment or review of ideas and projects.  David can quickly cut to the chase and narrow in on technical risk(s) of a project. This is helpful when an impartial second opinion is needed.

Scientific reviews of "Wellness" products or services. When David worked in the Bio-tech industry he was responsible for reviewing new products. He is excellent at communicating to both customers and managers how the product theoretically works and whether the claimed result can be substantiated.

Examples of some previous investigations can be found under Article examples. Lastly please contact David to discuss your research requirements.